ENFIT-HQF Certification for cleaning stations

Cleaning stations that have successfully completed the ENFIT HQF Certification for FOOD-FEED-CHEMICALS document that they have well-trained staff (also for the requirements of KOSHER and HALAL), perfect organization, suitable cleaning technology and the ENFIT bulkvision blockchain in use. These cleaning stations are entitled to issue the international ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE as proof of high cleaning quality. Depending on the results achieved from the audit and the technical inspection, the performance is documented with the ENFIT quality seal BASIC - BASIC PLUS - HIGH or EXCELLENT.

Transport containers should be thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary, disinfected after each transport. Only professional cleaning in a cleaning station certified according to the ENFIT standard gives the industry the necessary security that contamination of the next load is avoided. This applies in particular to the transport of food or feed, since transport hygiene is paramount here. In order to increase safety during transport, food transport containers should be regularly subjected to a suitability test according to ENFIT-DIN 10 502-1.

Logistic- and transport companies are FBOs "Food/Feed Business Operators" when transporting food or animal feed. In this role, they are responsible for ensuring that the transport units are only cleaned in suitable and certified cleaning stations. In order to meet the responsibility of logistic- and transport companies, ENFIT has developed the "ENFIT HQF certification". The certification is carried out by authorized and specially trained auditors according to the ENFIT standard.

ENFIT HQF quality seal for cleaning stations

The aim of the ENFIT HQF certification is to train and qualify the staff of the cleaning stations so that they can fully meet their responsibilities. The HQF certification certifies that the cleaning station has qualified accordingly and implements the strict ENFIT standards, provided the client commissions this.

After successfully completing the ENFIT HQF certification, the cleaning station receives the appropriate seal of quality: BASIC - BASIC PLUS - HIGH or EXCELLENT, depending on the certification result (SCORE). With the seal of quality, the industry can immediately recognize the performance and the technical status of a cleaning station. The cleaning stations that have been awarded the ENFIT seal of approval are entitled to issue the internationally valid ENFIT cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFCATE®). The ENFIT certificate is registered with the Trademark Office of the European Union as a registered certificate. In order to make the quality of the cleaning station visible to the outside world, the respective seal of approval is printed on the ENFIT cleaning certificate. When cleaning food and feed transport containers, the ENFIT CLEANING CODEs (cleaning programs) should be used. When cleaning chemical transport containers, the TCCs tank cleaning codes may also be used in the cleaning certificate.

Loaders and unloaders thus receive maximum transparency and security. The ENFIT cleaning certificate is secured in the blockchain and can be checked for authenticity by the loader or unloader.