KOSHER cleaning standards

Kosher compliant cleaning of transport-units

In order to ensure that the Jewish food laws are observed and that the food is kosher, not only is the kosher certification of food production facilities important, but it must also be guaranteed that raw materials and food are transported exclusively in transport containers they are cleaned according the ENFIT kosher cleaning standards and documented by the ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE, in combination with the ENFIT-bulkvision blockchain cloud technology.

Probably the most precise and strictest food regulations can be found in Judaism, whereby the sacred and the profane are intimately linked. Foods that are permitted to Jews under the Jewish food laws are considered "kosher," i.e., H. "pure" or "suitable", although this term does not only refer to food.

In order to ensure that the food you buy is kosher and thus complies with Jewish food laws, appropriate certifications, so-called hechsharim, have been established.

In Israel and the USA, the certification is attached to the packaging like a seal or displayed in relevant shops such as bakeries and butchers. In other countries, the corresponding foods are summarized and published in an official list.

The supervision of religious regulations is the responsibility of an authorized rabbinate, such as the Hager Kashrus Committee, Antwerp, Rabbi Pinchas Avrohom Meyers. In order to receive a certificate, the following conditions must be met:

  • All ingredients of a food must be recorded in an ingredient list.
  • All ingredients must have a Kosher certificate.
  • The rabbi is to inspect the production facility.
  • Food containers are cleaned according to the ENFIT P 260 K standard.


The food can only be sold as "kosher food" if all requirements are met. In the production of food, attention is also increasingly directed to the transport and, above all, to the corresponding "kosher cleaning" of the transport containers and the traceability of the processes. For the first time, ENFIT as an international association offers reliable and validated processes that ensure the requirements. See also the international ENFIT Guideline.

KOSHER Certification

ENFIT is authorized by the Hager Kashrus Committee in Antwerp, Rabbi Pinchas Avrohom Meyers, to issue the Kosher Certificate to ENFIT members if they follow the strict guidelines of the Rabbinate. Rabbi P.A. Meyers is particularly well known in the Jewish academic world for his extensive knowledge. This applies to all questions of transport and the cleaning of transport containers according to the high kosher requirements. He regularly writes articles on current issues and issues and has excellent connections with the Chief Rabbinate in Israel.

One of the requirements for the Kosher certificate is that the ENFIT members (cleaning stations) are certified according to the high ENFIT HQF standard. In addition, the staff has received special instruction on the correct use of the kosher cleaning program ENFIT P 260 K and knows the background and requirements of the Jewish food laws. Cleaning carried out according to the kosher ENFIT cleaning program ENFIT P 260 K is documented in the international ENFIT cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE and the corresponding logo "Kosher ENFIT cleaning process" is printed in the cleaning certificate.

This information gives the loaders and unloaders in the industry the assurance that the requirements for kosher cleaning have been fully met and that the personnel at the cleaning station are acting in a particularly responsible manner and are also able to technically meet these requirements. In a "kosher transport" the last three previous loads should be exclusively kosher products. Non-kosher products are not permitted.

Truthful information about the previous loading is possible with the ENFIT-bulkvision blockchain technology. Other methods, no longer accepted, of listing previous loading as "information from the driver" in a cleaning document or delivery note are "non-kosher" and therefore unacceptable. The industry is asked to stop this practice.


ENFIT P 260 K - Kosher Cleaning

To be used for all products that require special cleaning. See list of prohibited previous loading. To meet the requirements for kosher food, cleaning is required according to the strict requirements of the Rabbinate. In practice, this means that the ENFIT P 260 K cleaning program should be used. After cleaning, the interior of the transport container, including all pipes, drain valves and drain pipes, must be exposed to saturated steam.

The ENFIT HQF certification is the prerequisite for cleaning according to the kosher standard

Forbidden previous loading

  • Animal fats or animal oils (tallow, lard, etc.)
  • Fish oils or fish substances. gelatin compositions
  • Milk and/or lactose products: milk, butter, cream and cheese fats
  • Liquid dairy products: whey, milk fat, lactose syrup, milk carton, chocolate
  • glycerin or glycerin products, cider or vinegar, not certified kosher
  • Grape juice, fruit juice with grapes, wine, cognac, sherry, brandy, liqueur, wine yeast
  • Non-pure alcohol, non-pure vodka, alcoholic beverages, brown tequila
  • Non-vegetable based fat and oil. Various fat mixtures and margarine
  • fatty acid, caprylic acid, acrylic acid and/or non-vegetable stearic acid
  • Other non-kosher food or chemical products in consultation with the rabbinate.