The board of directors defines the visions, goals and focal points of the work of the association and has the task of making the association known internationally, attracting new members and ensuring a good and sustainable image.

The board represents the association's interests of its members towards national and international organizations and committees. The board is responsible for presenting the association positively to the public and for ensuring that the association's goals are communicated accordingly. The board also ensures that the members feel represented in the association and that they are in good hands and continuously work towards fair and responsible cooperation.

The Board is responsible for adhering to the compliance rules. These include, in particular, responsible and fair dealings with all members, business partners, competitors, representatives of public institutions and bodies, compliance with the rules to prevent discrimination of any kind, violence or sexual harassment, protection of minorities, protection of confidential information, consequences of the code of conduct for stakeholders at the European Commission (transparency register), environmental protection, careful use of resources, etc.

The members of the board are elected every five years by the members or the general assembly in a secret ballot and represent the interests of the association internally and externally. The board is responsible for the organisation, legal transactions and the development of the association and its members.

The current Board of Directors includes: President, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer.

Board members

M.Sc. Hans-Dieter


Vladimir Surcinski
Vice President

Uve Hilgendorf
Chief Administrative Officer

Stephanie Weinand
Extended Board

Anton Sevastyanenko
Board Advisor