ENFIT standards. Cleaning of transport containers

Cleanliness and transport hygiene

We represent the interests of our members and develop international standards for a safe, reliable, transparent, economical, ecological, green and digitized supply chain.

The top priority for every producer is to prevent contamination of the transported products. It does not matter whether it is a chemical product, food or animal feed. Every impurity, every contamination leads to a direct reduction in product quality.

If food raw materials or food are contaminated with salmonella, listeria, viruses, mycotoxins, allergens or plastic granules during transport, consumers can suffer significant health damage, which in some cases can even lead to death. If a product is recalled because of this, it is a catastrophe for the producer, which can cost many millions of euros or dollars and damage the brand. We develop concepts with our members to securely close the gaps in the supply chain. In the spirit of safe, resilient and sustainable supply chains.

Seamless traceability and blockchain 5.0

Complete traceability of all process steps in the supply chain is a basic requirement for every producer. Together with our digitization and software partners, such as bulkvision GmbH, we develop high-tech blockchain cloud solutions. This makes it possible for the stakeholders involved in the supply chain for the first time to view every single process step (event) associated with loading, unloading, transport, cleaning and disinfection, depot, repair, etc. without manipulation and in real time as a User of the ENFIT-bulkvision blockchain, fully traceable. upstream and downstream.

In addition, we provide our members and partners with the first digital, blockchain-secured, ecologically controlled (European Green Deal) and international cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE for use. The first digital cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE is the documentation and proof of professional cleaning. The certificate is forgery-proof and offers the loading industry a maximum of security and transparency.

The international cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE is a certification mark under register no. 018296449 registered with the 'European Union Intellectual Property Office' and may only be issued by cleaning facilities authorized by ENFIT.

A prerequisite for the issuance of the international cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE by cleaning stations is a successfully completed SQAS assessment by CEFIC (cleaning of transport containers for chemical products) and/or successful ENFIT HQF certification (food, feed, chemical certification), the is carried out worldwide by ENFIT certification partner DNV with independent auditors.

Cleaning stations that use the ENFIT cleaning programs to clean the transport containers and/or use renewable energy sources (wind energy, solar energy, biomass) to generate energy receive the "ENFIT Certified Green Cleaning" seal of quality after successfully completing the ENFIT energy audit. This seal of quality is printed out as ecological proof on the international cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE.