ECC-ENFIT Cleaning Certificate

Full transparency and safety

Advantages of digitization 5.0 and blockchain technology

  • Digital and error-free identification of the transport units.
  • Digital check-in and check-out when registering for cleaning, loading or unloading.
  • Digital and tamper-proof cleaning certificates - blockchain secured
  • Digital security seals. Total number of seals and seal plan.
  • Simplification of the processes at the loader and unloader. Identification and verification of the cargo (product).
  • Transfer of digital shipping documents, track & trace and much more.

Benefits for Industry 



1 Authenticity check via blockchain
Digitally generated and blockchain secured certificate with QR code. Can be scanned with a smartphone/tablet (also ex-protected) to compare the paper certificate with the digital "master certificate" and to detect possible subsequent manipulations in the paper certificate.

2 Specific performance logo
The individual logo changes depending on whether chemicals, food or animal feed are cleaned. extras, like
KOSHER or HALAL are also identified with the specific service logo.

3 Company and certificate number
Blockchain secured business premises and certificate number. De-811-2021-100328. Becomes tamper-free from the
bulkvision blockchain software is generated and secured against manipulation.

4 Cleaning codes and previous products
The cleaning process is documented for sensitive food or feed with the ENFIT cleaning programs. When cleaning chemical products, TCCs can also be used, e.g.: P10, C01, F30, E50. Preliminary products are transferred digitally from the loader to the unloader.

5 grid lines as protection against tampering
Subsequent processing to falsify data, e.g. date, duration, cleaning description, container data,
etc., with Photoshop or other photo editing programs, is excluded.

6 Digital security seal field
With the bulkvision blockchain, security seals can be scanned error-free and tamper-free with a smartphone or tablet and stored in the blockchain cloud. Recipients can also scan the security seals and check them with 100% certainty.

7 Link to blockchain
Link to the used cleaning processes 

8 Transparent cleaning duration
Recording the net cleaning time

Weak points of the ECD - cleaning document

1 Lack of protection against counterfeiting
The ECD cleaning document is produced by different printers as a printed paper form and can be reprinted or falsified by any printer at any time.

2 Company and certificate number not forgery-proof
The company number is printed on the paper form by the printer and can be copied or forged at any time. The serial number is added by the cleaning station itself and cannot be checked.

3 Unsuitable copy and manipulation protection
Subsequent processing to falsify data, e.g. date, duration, cleaning description, container data, etc., with Photoshop is possible because this data is printed with a white background.

4 security seals. Manual input
The ID numbers of the security seals are read manually and usually transferred to the document using a print program for the ECD. A special but little-known problem: Most printing programs have a function that is intended to make work easier. For example, for 12 seals to be attached, only the first seal number is entered. The other numbers are transferred to the document in numerical order. Example: 004711, 004712, 004713............004722. It remains unchecked whether the seals issued to the driver correspond exactly to this order.

5 Duration of cleaning remains unknown
The document only states the date/time for check-in and check-out. Truck waiting times are not shown separately. Thus, the total time from check-in to check-out is not identical to the duration of the cleaning.

6 fine print
The ECD cleaning document states: The cleaning station and the driver confirm with their signature which activities the cleaning station has carried out. As a rule, the driver is not able to confirm details of the cleaning, such as temperatures, duration, cleaning agents, etc., since the driver is not allowed to be on the cleaning lanes during the cleaning.