Complete traceability in the supply chain

Secure and transparent supply chains

When transporting food, feed and chemicals, safety is always the top priority. There are high requirements for food and feed. Food and feed safety must be given special attention here. Therefore, all raw materials must be fully traceable from Farm to Fork at all times. For this reason ENFIT, together with her digitization partner bulkvision GmbH based in Hamburg, has developed the first blockchain cloud technology for seamless traceability. Each process step (event) during the transport of chemicals, food or animal feed is mapped in real time without manipulation and without gaps. The blockchain traceability system giving the involved stakeholders a complete overview of the supply chain. Upstream and downstream. Each company only gets the data it needs for security and transparency in the supply chain

ENFIT-bulkvision blockchain cloud technology 5.0

IoT - Digital Twin - GID

Partner companies, such as cleaning stations, already transmit an ENFIT-GID (Global Identification Number) to their customers when they register. With each further cleaning, the GID is used to digitally identify the customer/transport container. Drivers can "check in" digitally. Errors are avoided and processing takes place. The international cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE® is issued as a paper document and as a digital document secured in the blockchain.

Benefits for logistics and transport companies
After cleaning, the ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE® is sent to the owner's email address. If the owner is registered and the GID is activated, the following data can be used: Geo location. Cleaning certificate. Test reports and/or shipping documents. Digital security seals. Seal plan and total number of seals.

Benefits for industries and cleaning stations
Owners/ logistic and transport companies can integrate their customers into the blockchain system and release certain data. For example: seal plan. Digital seals. Cargo information. Previous loading. Cleaning certificate. Shipping documents and/or safety data sheets.


Pier to pier and real time communication

Millions and millions of transport containers are used worldwide every day for the transport of raw materials, food, animal feed, chemicals and other goods. As a rule, these are 20 and 40 foot containers, reefer containers, 20 foot tank containers, road tankers and silo vehicles, railway tank wagons, trucks and box vehicles, IBCs, crates and boxes and much more.

20 or 40 foot containers and tank containers are provided with a "BIC" number. Road vehicles are usually identified by their registration number and IBCs are given different individual numbers.

ENFIT is the first authorized and globally active non-profit organization to create an ENFIT-GID standard (ITEM-ID) and to develop and establish the GID label for identifying transport units. The GID label is made of a special high-pressure and acid-resistant, self-adhesive plastic and is therefore particularly suitable as a permanent sticker. ENFIT generates and manages the unique, non-overlapping ID numbers. (ITEM IDs).

With the use of the bulkvision blockchain cloud technology, the GID becomes a communicator between the owner and the service provider (logistics, cleaning, depot, inspection, repair, loader and unloader) using smartphones or tablets (Android, iOS). In addition to direct "real-time communication", the transport units can be tracked worldwide with the GID (POI) and incoming and outgoing checklists can be created and processed. Regularly recurring inspections are actively carried out on the smartphone or tablet and the inspection reports and checklists are added directly to the digital twin. Information on loading and unloading (product information) and the digital transmission of delivery documents and/or safety data sheets and security seals is possible without the parties involved having to exchange paper documents.

Digital order processing

Cleaning stations, loaders, unloaders and logisticians can handle the entire order processing digitally and error-free. Together with the GID and the ENFIT bulkvision blockchain cloud technology, which is available as SaaS software, registered users can upload or download relevant data and exchange them in real time.

In order to gain access to the authorized data, users must first register. After registration, users can use blockchain technology in their respective roles, either as owner of the transport unit, as loader or unloader, transporter, cleaning, depot, repair or inspection, and scan the GIDs with their smartphone or tablet. The ENFIT bulkvision blockchain cloud technology works with the iOS and Android operating systems and enables the use of a large number of different tools.

With this system, which is unique to date, ENFIT and bulkvision also offer their members, partners and users the first digital and blockchain-secured international cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE for use.

ENFIT Cleaning Certificate

Tamper-free and blockchain secured 

Most transport units are cleaned and partially disinfected regularly or only from time to time, depending on the load. It is important for the respective loaders and unloaders to receive comprehensive and complete information on cleaning. These can be downloaded directly by registered users using a smartphone or tablet via the transport unit's GID. The following information can be found in the international ENFIT cleaning certificate:

  • Who cleaned when, where and according to which standard?
  • Cleaning company details
  • Place, date and time (start and end of cleaning)
  • GID of the cleaned transport unit
  • Data of the owner
  • Cleaning procedure (e.g. ENFIT cleaning procedure)
  • Special cleaning procedures (e.g. allergen or GMO cleaning, Kosher, Halal)
  • Duration time of cleaning
  • Result of the cleaning (e.g. hygiene test with the CleanCard-PRO)


The entire cleaning documentation is done with the ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE. The international ENFIT certificate is forgery-proof, blockchain protected and offers the loading industry maximum security and transparency.

The international cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE is a certification mark under register no. 018296449 registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and may only be issued by cleaning facilities authorized by ENFIT.

The prerequisite for issuing the international cleaning certificate ECC-ENFIT CLEANING CERTIFICATE is a successfully completed ENFIT HQF certification (cleaning of transport containers for food, feed or chemicals) or an SQAS assessment for the cleaning of chemical transport containers. The ENFIT HQF certification is only carried out by authorized certification partners and auditors.