Advisory board

According to the ENFIT statutes, the board can jointly appoint members of the association to the advisory board or appoint them as members of the advisory board. The function of the Advisory Board is voluntary.

The Advisory Board advises the Executive Board on association policy, technical and organizational issues. The Advisory Board is usually made up of members who have special professional or social expertise that is useful for realizing the association's interests and visions.

The members of the Advisory Board work together with the Executive Board to ensure that the level of awareness and the image of the association develops continuously. The members of the Advisory Board observe changes in the markets and target groups and recognize important trends in society in good time and communicate with other institutions and committees in coordination with the Board members on behalf of the association.

Advisory board members

Wolfram Wacker

Prof. Dr. Frank Stein

John Campen
Xtec Digital Learning a Subsidiary of Xtec Asia Pte. Ltd.

M.Sc. Annette Hufnagel

Thorsten Lenertat
BEKO Technologies GmbH

Jürgen Schlösser
Schlösser Consult

Rudolf Behrens

Walter Ahn

M.Sc. Fahmi Yigit
CTO Virobuster International GmbH


M.Sc. Wolfgang
Quality Austria

Sara Deckers
Global Account Manager
BEKO Technologies B.V.