Country representatives

Thanks to our consistent association work, which has been and is being done by our members, the advisory boards and the board members, ENFIT has been growing for several years - continuously and internationally.

Since 2019, we have therefore decided to set up so-called country representatives together with partners that we are looking for in the individual countries and regions and have already found. From our point of view, it is important that every person or every company that has a specific concern for our association can also present this directly to a representative of the association in the respective country.

The country representatives act as extended advisory board and bear the functional title "Country Vice President" or "Country Regional President".

Here we would like to introduce you to our previous partners:

Brasil - India -Malaysia - Indonesia - Philippines - Poland - Baltikum - Belgium - Switzerland


Azan Azuwan Baharuddin
Country Vice President

Soraia Costa
Country Vice President

Katia Gajete
Regional Vice President

Vladimir Surcinski
Country Vice President
Serbien - Montenegro

Helmut Lansbergen
Country Vice President
Germany - Switzerland - Italy

Leila Burin
Country Vice President

Ali Reza
Country Vice President

Krzysztof Weronowski
Country Vice President

Kristian Eremut
Country Vice President